Sara: Decision

"It's decision time!" someone called up the corridor. Well, I hope everyone likes my decision.

"Come on" I said to Sunshine "This'll give you chance to meet everyone"

"Oh, OK" she said. She followed me to the entrance hall where most people were already waiting. Harmony was standing behind the desk now. That's where everyone stood when they were making an announcement. There was another guy with her. When everyone had crowded in, Harmony spoke.

"Well, I guess you've all made your decisions. So here's mine. I'll fight. I'll fight with Jay and Asha" she declared. Then she stepped from behind the desk.Then loads of people stepped up and agreed. I don't think anyone didn't agree to be honest. When it was my turn, I tried to explain in the shortest way possible.

"I'll fight too. I'd like a new Free Age. And I think everyone else would too. So, I'll either help win, or die trying" there was a load of noise as a load of people agreed and then I stepped down and someone else took my place.

The End

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