Xavior: huh?

"I should have taken a picture" That hurt and I'm sure that if it was possible I would've gone red.

"Glad I ammuse you" I muttered and made my way for the door. Harmony grabbed my hand, I stopped in my tracks.

"Sorry, I just...." I felt her mood drop. I hugged her, smiling.

"Stop that you dummy, I was just over reacting again." her mood rose slightly."Can you promise me something Harmony?"

"what is it?"

"If you are...if we are going to fight, stay with me. Just to give me some peace of mind"

"Alright" she sighed with absolute relief "But we should see what the other's decisions are...and soon"


"Oh, and Xavior?"

"Yeah?" Harmony lifted her head,smiling and took a step closer. I felt the slightest pressure on my cheek and despite the impossibility I'm pretty sure my face was scarlet.

Harmony grabbed my hand and walked toward the stairs "C'mon, it's decison time" I stopped listening after that but I could faintly hear Harmony calling the others to the hall "It's decision time" 

The End

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