Harmony: practice

Xavior rushed out the room so fast my head span, I know Xavior does this but it doesn't mean I have to like it. I smelt someone new, a new vampire, I hope they know whats about to happen. If not, I guesse they'll have to get filled in later. I opened the door and Xavior was there already, smiling as usual. "What was that about?"

"New vampire, told her to go meet everyone." He smiled

"Okay" I dont know why this bothered me...maybe I was just tense.

"Oh!" Xavior said as he closed the door "I remember what I was gonna ask you! I havn't seen you since...well, I was wondering if you had any special abilities. Like my empathy stuff of Asha's mind messaging"

"Well, I can mesmorize people by singing"

"Like a siren?"


Xavior sat down on the bed and stayed silent for a little while. "Show me"

"What?! no way Xavior! no way!"

"Why not?"

"I controll people by singing, I put them in a trance"

"I guessed that" He smiled "C'mon, mesmorize me"

I rolled my eyes"You wont shut up until I do it will you"

"Nope" He smiled and then became serious "Come on Har, I'd really like to see"

I sighed and began to sing, Xavior's eyes glazed over and I stopped, he remained in the trance. "Xavior"

"yes?" his eyes were still glazed over, so I figured I could talk now, while whoever was in a trance. I clicked my fingers, but nothing happened. I slapped him. Nada.

"Xavior, return to normal" his eyes turned back to their normal un-glazed blue and I smiled.

"So, are you gonna do it?"

"I just did you big idiot" I laughed "I should have taken a picture!"

Xavior stood up "Glad I ammuse you" he began to walk toward the door, and thats when it hit me.

The End

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