Sylvester: A Cat with an Appetite

Everyone had pretty much signed their souls away to this idea of overthrowing the council, and however much I disliked the idea I went along with it to help protect them… But if the council saw me, even if they sensed me there... I knew. I knew I would be gone forever.

Cheshire never lifted his gaze from my face. He wasn’t just hungry – he was hungry for me. Aria tugged on my sleeve and tried to hurry me away; by now she had seen the look on his face too.

“Sylvester…” She whispered, “Please let’s go…”

I tore my eyes away from the cat and followed her into the next room. It was quiet in there, and dark. She slammed the door shut and leaned up against it, shutting her eyes.

“Did you see that? Tell me you saw that!” I hissed.

“I saw it –”

“His was the voice I heard before – I know it was him! He wants to murder me!” I ran my fingers through my black hair manically.

“Don’t be ridiculous! He’s tired, and hungry –”

“Yeah for me!”

“He'd never kill someone if he didn't have to – how could ya say that about him!” She looked hurt at the accusation, but something was bothering her too. “He’s findin' it difficult to cope with seein' me with other people – for so long it was just me an' him! He'll be fine with it… eventually.”

Just then there was a loud crash against the door and Aria shrieked as she jumped away. There was silence and we both backed away cautiously.

Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill

The door opened a crack and I saw his whiskers peeking around the edge. “Aria are you in there?” his voice was hoarse and sounded slightly possessed.

She looked at me in fright and then replied. “Yes… yes, I’m here. I’ll be right out.”

“Is Sylvester in there?”

I grabbed her arm and shook my head viciously. “… No.”

“Ok – see you in a minute…” His voice and his thoughts trailed away and Aria threw herself at the door to shut it behind him.

“Now do you believe me!?”

She didn’t move or speak but I could see the whites of her eyes.

The End

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