Xavior: memories

I hated seeing Hamony cry like this, it tore me apart to know that I was the reason for her tears. Ever since I created that empathy link between us, Harmonys done all the crying for me. I was debating on how to react, to hell with it. I held her, trying to calm her down "Shhhh, Har, stop crying, shhhhh" sure enough she stopped. I guesse since I calmed down so did she. I heard some noise downstairs and a new smell, a new set of emotions, I let go of Harmony and went to the front door where a new vampire was standing "Hello, I'm Sunshine"

"Uh...hey, I'm Xavior." I looked around for someone elseto help but no."This is vampire mansion, a home for vampires who are usually running from one thing or another" I laughed. I heard Harmony opening the door "Well, I guesse I'll see you later sunshine, you should go introduce yourself to everyone" I smiled, waved and departed up the stairs to wait with Harmony until the crucial decision time.

The End

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