Sunshine: Ironic, no?

I run down the dark cobbled streets, glancing down every alleyway searching. My black dress ripples in the wind, my black hair flys in every direction.

My name is Sunshine, I am a vampire. My parents saw a mass of black, weed like hair as I was born, and apparently thought I was a demon. But then they saw my eyes.

My eyes are, let's just say, odd. They glow golden in the light, they are always bright - especially when I'm upset. Apparently, everyone was mesmerised when they saw it, my eyes are odd in my family. All of my relatives have dark eyes, dark brown, very dark blue even black. No one on either side of my parents' families have bright, light eyes like mine.

That's why I'm called Sunshine. Which is ironic, as I'm one of the darkest in my family, and  now I'm a vampire...

I run further and further, running from the mayhem of behind. As I look on I see it, a mansion. It's huge and forbbiding, persumably to deter the humans. I run to it, hopeing they would excet me.

The End

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