Aria: New Guy

"Did you hear that?" Sylvester asked.

"Hear what?"

“There – are you hearing that?”

I looked down to the end of the hallway I was stood in with Sylvester. Nobody was there. I looked back to Sylvester. He sure looked worried. "Sylvester, I don't hear anythin'. Are you ok?"

“…You don’t hear anything. Nothing at all?”

I shook my head. Chances were it was just another one of the souls from the Soulsphere but I was still worried for him. Didn't Kyoshiro say somethin' about the person who broke it goin' mad before they die? What if it was happenin' already?

Come to the living room. I will be there with Jay soon. It's time we talked.

"Now that one I heard" I said, trying to smile. I couldn't stop worryin' about Moody Pants though. His face hardly went back to normal either. We were both worryin' about somethin'.

He hesitated for a second, like there was somethin' behind him, but eventually put his arm round my shoulder. The two of us walked down to the main hall to see what Asha and Jay had to say. Turns out it was a prophecy. I didn't pay much attention to what the others were saying. I remembered, when I was human, being told a story about a vampire that could control ice. That he was a fearless warrior, that he would win the hearts of many but there was a downside. Maybe it was just to scare me but I remember being told that the world would end in ice.

"I'm in!" a new voice brought me back to what was happening.

"New guy" I said, nudging Sylvetser.

"I don't trust him..."

“You’ve gone all weird since that Soulsphere broke. No fun anymore. You truly deserve the name ‘Moodypants’...”. I wouldn't stay angry at him for long, though. It's never been in my nature to stay mad at folk. The longest I've ever been mad at anyone is about an hour and that was at Chesh. Well, he did bring a stray dog up to me.

Speakin' of Chesh, where was he? I hadn't seen him since earlier on. I looked around and spotted him, a hungry look on his face. Poor thang, he probably hadn't fed for a while. Maybe I should take him out huntin' like we used to when I was fresh outta rebirth. I was young and still exploring what my new vampire self could do. He was in his prime, filled with the strength and knowledge that came with age. When we'd first stalked our prey from the trees he'd promised me he'd never let me fall. And he'd been true to his word. Every day of my vampire life he was there to catch me if I slipped, be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

Oh lord, was he in love with me?

The End

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