Harmony: choices

Asha and Jay ran out the door. "Well, you've all heard what you need to hear. Meet back here in an hour to announce your choice." the crowd slowly began to dispearse and I felt Xavior tense "Whats up X?" I followd his gaze over to chesire, the cat/pureblood vampire. "X?" Xavior looked at me, smiling again. He pulled me out of the room "X, whats going on?"

"His emotions" he whispered. I guesse I should explain Xavior is a serious Empathiser, he can feel whatever you are.

"What about his emotions?"

He smiled "Never mind, the guy must just be thirsty"

I knew Xavior wouldn't tell me anymore so I didn't push it. Besides I was too worried about what everyone else was going to choose. We walked up to my room so Xavior could take a shower, and I managed to find him some black trousers and a blue dress shirt. "Dont be so nervous Harmony, everythings gonna be fine. They'll all make the right decisions. But the right ones for them. Either way, we'll have a good chance at kicking some serious council but" I felt his hand on my shoulder and I began to cry, this was a price of the empathy link. Xavior never cried, I did all the crying for him.

The End

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