Jay: Putting On A Show.

They all knew about the prophecy now, and hopefully it will help us to victory, but something someone murmured had brought thoughts into my mind. How did we know it was us? Maybe I was just a Cryokenetic Vampire. Not the prophecy type. How did we know?

Well, if I was Cryokenetic, then surely I could help a great deal more. Well, that is, if I knew how to use these powers. I looked to my left, and saw Asha smiling. A beautiful smile, perfect for her incredibly beautiful face. I bent down to whisper in her ear,

"How do I do it?"

"Do what?"

"Ya' know- make Ice." I said. She realised what I was going on about, and pulled me into the dark forest.

"You don't know how to use your powers yet." Asha stated. The way she said it made it into a statement- not a question.

"No." I shook my head. She nodded,

"Okay, um, have you tried to use them yet?" She asked hopefully,


"Why don't you do what you feel is right? That seems to always work in the movies." both her and I laughed.

"Okay," I said, and then I put my arm up into the air, straightening it in the moonlight, and tried to exert as much force as I could muster. I saw something leave my hand; like Dry Ice, but barely noticeable. Maybe that was the way to do it. But what if that was all I could do? A tiny amount of Dry Ice, harmless to anyone. I tried and tried to get it right, but it wasn't working out. Asha seemed distracted by her thoughts.

After a while, I gave up, sitting on a rock that was wedged in the ground.

"Jay," Asha whispered. I whirled around, and barely had time to react before she was kissing me. Then I felt it; the power surged within me. I knew how to force it out of my body. Dry Ice billowed out of me, much more then before. My red eyes widened. Asha broke the kiss, and said,

"Shoot that tree with Ice, quick!" I did as she said, and a line of crystal-blue ice shot out of my arm, hitting the tree. It ran up and down the bark of the old tree, making it blue and frosty all over. That was the key; either love, or any passion at all.

The End

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