Sylvester: Barely a whisper

We had all decided we needed some time to think over this whole overthrowing the council idea, so I was in the hallway upstairs talking to Aria. She was leaning her back against the wall across from me and every so often glanced at me from under eyelashes that framed her indigo coloured eyes.

“Ya know it might not be as dangerous as it sounds. It seems to me like Asha knows a lot more’n we do about how to get this done.” Aria folded her arms across her chest. “And hey – we’re all dead anyways, what’s the worst that can happen?” She smirked and then shyly looked away.

“Aria it’s not that simple. Don’t you realise that the council will give you worse than death if you fail in this?” I drummed my fists against the wall behind me. “If I was to survive and someone else got caught or destroyed I don’t know how I’d carry on – especially you. You’ve kept me sane, in a very insane way.” I joked, trying to make light of the situation, but then I heard something. It was barely a whisper – more of a thought. The breath caught in my throat when I heard it.

Kill it. Kill nasty Sylvester.

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

Yes, taste his blood.

“There – are you hearing that?”

Aria looked cautiously to the end of the hallway and then back at me. “Sylvester I don’t hear anything. Are you ok?”

“…You don’t hear anything. Nothing at all?”

She shook her head and I felt my skin crawl – something didn’t seem right anymore. Maybe it was the souls I’d freed that were coming for me.

Come to the living room. I will be there with Jay soon. It's time we talked.

“Now I heard that one.” Aria tried to smile but I couldn’t make my face go back to normal.

“Asha.” I felt the compulsion to look behind me even though I knew it was just a wall, so instead I put my arm around Aria’s shoulder and we walked to the main hall to hear what had to be said now. I heard a door creak behind me and a sort of hiss, but I put it down to my imagination.

Everyone was gathered in the main hall, and so finally Asha and Jay spoke of a prophecy that explained how we could overthrow the council. I wasn’t the only one who had doubts.

“How do we know it’s even about you?” Someone called and a murmur went around the room.

“Who else could it be?” Harmony spat back defensively. “I’m in.”

Then I noticed a new vampire standing next to her. “I’m in!” He called out soon after. She smiled at him, and I saw the look on his face. I knew it all too well and had recognised it on my own face far too many times.

“New guy.” Aria nudged me as she noticed him.

“I don’t trust him…”

Aria rolled her eyes. “You’ve gone all weird since that Soulsphere broke. No fun anymore. You truly deserve the name ‘Moodypants’...” She grumbled. I knew she wouldn’t be angry for long.

I spotted Cheshire slinking in from the staircase silently. No one else noticed his eyes lock on mine, and the grin spreading on his face. I raised my hand to wave him over, but then his expression changed. He bared his sharp teeth and his eyes widened in hunger – it was wicked, demonic… murderous.

Kill Sylvester – KILL SYLVESTER.

I could only stare startled back at him.

Cheshire will spill his blood, lap it up – nasty Sylvester must die.

It was him.

The End

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