Asha: On the Offensive

Jay and I waited for the others to arrive, and slowly people began to filter in. I was pleased to see that Aria had managed to persuade Sylvester to come and at least talk to us. I wondered how she had managed to do that. I noticed Cheshire slink in behind them, glaring at Sylvester, looking as though he was muttering to himself still. That was definately disturbing.

What's up with Cheshire? I said to Jay, maing use of the mind link for a change

I don't know but he's acting really odd recently. Do you reckon we should say something?

Keep an eye on him for a bit-we'll see.

Maybe you should talk to Aria at least.

I might do, we'll see what he does during this and then I will talk to her.

Jay had his arm around me. It was almost the mirror of image of how Harmony and her new friend looked when they walked in. Something about his smile reminded me of Lee and I could tell from the way Jay tensed that he saw it too. He pulled me a little closer. and kissed the top of my head lightly. I smiled, hugging him back.

"Its okay." I said quietly, even though I wasn't so sure of that myself.

Harmony came over to us with the newcomer.

"Who are you?" I said flatly. I didn't want to be rude but it was hard to be nice to someone who reminded me so strongly of Lee.

"Xavier-A friend of Harmony." He replied with a grin. "Would you be the one who called us all here?"

I nodded "If you are sticking around you might want to listen. My name's Asha, and this is my fiance, Jay." I couldn't help a little glow of pride when I said 'my fiance'. Jay greeted Xavier, and once everyione was settled, he spoke.

"I know there are some of you who aren't sure about what we are planning. I wasn't, even though I am with Asha no matter what. But now-I know we will be able to do this."

I looked at him suddenly. He's going to tell them the prophecy...

The End

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