Xavior: Harmony

I followed the scent westward... a clearing? I sniffed Yup deffinately a clearing

I dont want you to fight, it's too dangerous.

"I'm fighting with my friends X, the council has it coming"

I rolled my eyes and followed the scent further in..vampire mansion huh? Damn it! Wheres Harmony?.... a check in book?

Harmony, female, room 20! yes! I ran up to her room and turned her to face me "Your are so stubborn!"

Harmony began to lecture me about personal space and how she thought I broke the empathy link yada yada yada.... I do wish she wouldn't do that, but hey Harmony is Harmony. I knew what she really means anyway...she's glad to see me but she wishes I wasn't so annoing. I smiled at her mid-rant, happy to see she's back to the Harmony I knew and...

I heard a voice saying they need to talk to me "what?!"

"It's just Asha...another vampire who lives here. She wants to talk to us and by us I mean not you"

I mocked a dagger in the heart movement "ouch."

"Sorry. It's just theres enough tension right now and....I dont know what'll happen if I bring you down"

"It's not like I'm impolite"


"Great!" I beamed, that means I can meet all of Harmony's friends and know what this fight is about.

"Xavior, what..whats up?" I ignorned her and linked arms tightly with her so she wouldn't bolt, we went into a room with some other vampires,why is Harmony so uncomfortable then I realised I  was a strager..oops. I smiled, hoping I looked presentable, my hair was tied up and I was wearing a blue shirt and Khaki shorts..then again I had been traveling...

The End

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