Harmony: Fabulous...

"What the hell was that?!"

I rolled my eyes "Asha...one of the other vampires here she wants us to go. And by us I mean everyone but you."

"ouch. thats a bit harsh"

"sorry. It's just theres enough tension as it is...and I'm not sure what'll happen if I take you down there"

"C'mon, it's not like I'm impollite"


"great!" he beamed. I'd never seen him so happy....

"Xavior, what...whats up?" He ignored me and linked arms with me .

Xavior was always this annoing around me...it was funny alot of the time but even for him this is too cheerful and I know he puts it on for my benefit, but still....I'm not a child anymore, I'd rather he be strait with me. Xavior walked with me to where Asha was, I could feel the skeptical glances already. Why does Xavior have to have such a strong grip?

The End

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