Asha: Prophecies

I had eventually managed to get Jay outside. It was just getting dark and we were walking in the woods, not too far from the Mansion, but just far enough so that no one would overhear us.

"Jay, you said you were told you were Cyrokinetic." I said, my stomach knotting with tension.

He nodded confused. "Yeah...and you mentioned a prophecy before we were interrupted."

I sighed. "One of the things I picked up when I was working for the Council."

We had stopped walking and I sprang lightly into the branches of a nearby tree. Jay settled beside me a moment later. He was looking at me expectantly.

When I spoke again, my voice was quiet as I felt the words settle into the dusk surrounding us.

"In the darkest night
Of the vampire's might
A Shadow will rise
Bonded with ice.
These lovers will rise
 True friends behind
With hearts loyal and true
They will break through the night
And bring the vampires
Into the light
Of the Second Free Age." 

The Second Free Age was a legend of a return to the time when vampires could live openly, without fear of Hunters, and alongside humans. Very few people believed in the legends about the Free Ages, because no one could remember them. Even the immortals could not remember a time without Hunters or a corrupted Council.

"You think this is about us?" Jay spoke, giving me no hint as to what he was thinking.

I nodded "Shadows and ice. Lovers. How many other people do you know that would fit that?"

Jay was silent for a long time. I didn't push him, since knew what was going through his mind. I had gone through the same when he told me about his cyrokinesis. Eventually he looked up at me, an emotion burning in his eyes that I couldn't name.

"I think you should call the others."

Come to the living room. I will be there with Jay soon. It's time we talked.

Jay looked at me. A light breeze was blowing the hair in my face. Jay leaned close, brushing it lightly away. He looked me in the eyes intently.

"I love you Asha, you do know that don't you?"

I felt my face soften. "Of course I do. I love you too."

Jay was sitting close to me. He slid his arm around my waist, and kissed me. He leanded me back along the branch. The combination of the height and Jay's kiss was dizzying. Eventually, he pulled away.

"We should go find the others." he said, smiling.

That smile is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time.

I smiled back at him "Let's go."

The End

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