Harmony: in my room

We were all thinking about the fight thats looming on the horizon, Asha's convinced to go in first as the shadow and give us a better chance, but...I dont think Jay likes it much. Whch reminds  me if we are going to fight we are sooooo having the wedding first! I mean it'll be the perfect opportunity to perk up before hand! I just wish that no-matter what happens Jay, Asha and the others survive, if we succeed then someone will have to help the vampires in need, besides their all so kind, possiby the nicest people  I've ever met, including humans I hope that doesn't include me Harmony


Shhhhh,  yes it's me.

"What do you need to tell me?"

Cant I just chat?

"Sure, but I know you better X"

Right....well, baisically I dont want you to fight. It'd be too dangerous for you.

"No way X, I'm fighting with my friends, the council has it coming"

Anyway you'd change your mind?


"You are so stubborn"

The End

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