Aria: Hell, I'll Tag Along

"Told ya it'd work" I whispered, poking Sylvester in the ribs.

Not many of the vampires seemed all that in to takin' on the Council single-handed. And I can't say I blame 'em. It did seem like a bit of a suicide mission. I was up for it, don't get me wrong. I mean, what the Council did to Sabrié was downright unfair. But I just wasn't entirely convinced. Jay spoke up; to say he was with Asha. I knew he would, he loved her to pieces. Frankly, if he hadn't said he was with her I would have given him a piece of my mind. And a riled Southern belle is something you do not wanna face. I stood deliberatin' for a while as Harmony and the few vampires that were up for it waited for folks' decisions.

"Hell, I'll tag along. What's fun is life if you don't have a fight to the death every now an' again? I'm sure Chesh'll be more'n up for it. Right, hon?" I said, looking at Chesh.

He looked me in the eyes. Somethin' was up with him. He nodded and looked at his feet. His lips were movin' but... Was he talkin' to himself? I'd ask him about it later. Somewhere where there were less people. So, who did we have on our team so far? Harmony, Asha, Jay, Chesh, myself and the Soulsphere. That implied Sylvester was comin', right?

"Moody Pants?" I asked, hopin' he'd give the answer I wanted to hear.

The End

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