Harmony:I'm in!

"wait so let me get this strait....your planning to go up to the council...alone...just us...and figh to the death?" I smiled, "Count me in! it's about time the council got a taste of their own medicen! can someone say the vampire revolution!" Asha as the shadow knew ALOT about the council, and I knew about the tunnels that could  lead you anywhere you wanted to go, including the heart of the council. With the others fighting experise...we'll be unstoppable! The others looked at the ground "excuse me, but where are the vampires that together faced hunters? where are the vampires that faced their fears? oh, thats right they're right here, deciding to let the council ruin other peoples lives. The fact is guys, if we dont make a stand then who will? Oh, and another thing, I wasn't the only guinea pig, infact they said it was a miracol how long I stayed alive! And here I thought I lied with the bravest vampires  in existence....all I have to say now is will you face your worst fears and conquer what most have deemed impossible?"The fact that Asha stood by me touched me. I had to at least try to get more of us in our resistance force, but if no-one else will  join...it'll be a trio.

The End

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