Sylvester: Council

After Harmony had told us the story of her life Asha stood and demanded that we all stand against the council. I for one didn’t care whether I was against them or with them – I had done wrong by vampire law and they had tried to punish me. I had no real reason to defy them.

“Asha – there aren’t enough of us.” I was the one to reluctantly state what we all were thinking. Harmony’s face fell, and as Asha desperately searched the faces in the room for support most of us stared at the floor. “We, all of us, have had some sort of run in with the council. And look where it’s got us – hiding in a mansion in the middle of nowhere with all the problems in the world. We can’t just choose to go up against them – they’ll have us all locked in cells; tortured and alone.”

Jay squeezed Asha’s hand and for a moment she said nothing. Then she stuck out her chin, determined. “Either they’ve defeated us, and made us so scared that we can’t do anything about them, or they have unwittingly created the strongest rebellion that they could never dream of. We know their weaknesses, but they don’t even know we still exist. We are all a weapon against them - we can effectively do anything if we take the right opportunity!”

Over my shoulder I could hear Cheshire purring...

“But even if we do take the opportunity to stop the council – there is no way we can defeat an order that has ruled since the beginning of time.” I wanted to back Asha up, but there was no way it was possible. Unless…

“The Soulsphere can be used to steal the souls from people!” Kyoshiro’s voice bounced around the room and the Soulsphere in my hand grew warm. I had just showed it to Aria, who had been trying to communicate with Kyoshiro by clicking and cooing at the jewel. Now she poked me in the ribs and whispered “Told ya it’d work.”

I revealed the Soulsphere to the rest of the room and there was a sense of new hope. Maybe it was possible after all…

The End

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