After Harmony had told us her story, I felt an immense sense of pity for her.

The Council has to be stopped. This is just wrong.

She stood where I had not so long ago, and I remembered how hard it had been to reveal my past. I made my way swiftly to the front of the crowd and put my arms around her.

"There is nothing for you to feel bad about. I can't talk for anyone else but I know that you are a good and honest person. You are beautiful inside and out. Anyone who can't see that is blind. You have done nothing wrong at all."

She smiled gratefully. I straightened up, silently daring anyone to attack her. Others came up and offered their support. Jay came to stand behind me, and took my hand.

"The Council must be stopped. They can't get away with doing this. What they have done here is wrong. Time and time again, we are hearing stories about how they have abused, or attacked or unfairly treated people who have done nothing wrong. When is someone going to stand up to them?" I had started quietly, but my voice had risen with me meaning to. "I for one, am not going to let it go anymore."

I paused, as people seemed to dimly grasp what I was saying.

"I'm going against the Council. Who's with me?"

Jay was the first to ask the obvious question "How are you going to do it? You would need to find out their weaknesses.."

I grinned. "I don't know them. But the Shadow happened to be the Council's weapon of choice when it came to underhand business. And the Shadow insisted on a contract for every job... a copy of which the Shadow still owns, and carries."

I paused again "I have a huge number of documents which show just how corrupt  the Council is. We just need the right people to use them."

There was a stunned silence. I sensed this was a dangerous moment.

I'm either getting kicked out...or I'm going to start a revolution...

The End

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