Cheshire: This Had Better Be Important

Find him. Find him. Cheshire has to find him.

The demon spoke in a sing-songy voice. I smiled at the thought of what would happen once I did find him.

Sabrié...Sabrié wants to taste his blood. Cheshire has to promise Sabrié his blood.

"Of course. Sabrié can have anything she wants".

Cheshire is so kind to Sabrié. How can Aria not love Cheshire?

"How should I know? Aria's mean to Cheshire" I whined.

I headed for Sylvester's room, chances were he was in there. The demon spoke to me, encouraged me. It may have only looked like my sister, but her spirit was there. Her feisty attitude. I could hear Asha and Jay talking. Aria wasn't there anymore, she'd gone back downstairs. I snuck past the room, stealthy as a cat.

"Cheshire, Aria is downstairs" Asha said softly.

I glared at her. She was friends with nasty Sylvester. She was hiding him! He as in there hiding from me like a coward. I would find him. If she wouldn't tell me I'd force it out of her. Drip, drip, drip, everything would go red.

No, Cheshire mustn't kill Asha. Asha makes Ari happy. Kill her and Ari will be sad, Ari won't love Cheshire.

I blinked a few times and turned back the way I'd come. Something told me nasty Sylvester wasn't up here. He was downstairs. With Aria. No doubt getting hugs he didn't deserve. Affection that should have been mine.

I slunk down the staircase and saw the two of them. They were sat on one of the sofas, talking. I felt the anger well up in me. The jealousy. The hate. And the demon following me felt it too. I hissed, though no one heard it, and clicked my claws against each other. Now was the perfect time to strike. One move and he'd be trapped in my grasp.

"I need to talk to you all please" I heard Harmony call, alerting Aria and nasty Sylvester to my presence.

I smoothed out the snarl that was present on my face and faked a smile. Whatever Harmony wanted, it had better be important.

The End

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