Harmony: My story

Everyone filed into the hall looking confused and anxious. Once they settled a bit I took a deep breath and began "For those of you I have not met yet, My name is Harmony, I am 14 in human years and a little over 2 months old vampire wise" I took a deep breath courage of a lion " I know some of you have had dealings with the council, unpleasant experiences.....my experience was also disturbing, it was doomed from the very day I was born. I grew up in a white room with gold designs on everything, I was raised by the council. When I say raised....I was their pet, their guines pig, their test subject. I never knew my parents. I was used for endurance tests, to see if they could resist the blood. But it began to get worse, I was shut off from the world, no social interaction what so ever." My fists balled up in anger "I was taught english and maths, ironically enough though, never music. When I was about 11 a boy came into my room, he was about 16. He smiled at me assuring me that he wouldn't hurt me, his name was xavior, he had blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail and deep blue eyes. We became great friends, he'd sneak in whenever he could and talk to me, we had fun. But on the day of my fourteenth birthday Xavior told me they were planning something...an experiment. He told me they'd gotten hold of some of his venom, they were going to see how it would react with my hormones during the change. Xavior said he would try to stop them. An hour later a man in white robes came in with a huge seringe, and I knew it was too late. By the time Xavior got to me I was already a vampire. He was furious. That night i heard some men talking 'she is a liability, our test subject will have to be disposed of' about an hour later Xavior showed up at my door, hair down, blood on his shirt and face. He was busting me out, by the time we got to the forest in vancouver we were home free. Xavior told me he was going to find my real parents, my real identity. That was two months ago and I havn't seen him since." I had been running from reliving my past now that I had, now that I had.....I wonder how they'll react....

The End

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