Jay: Confessions

I hugged Asha on the bed. This was what I wanted. The dream, my mother, Cryokenisis; they were all at the back of my mind, now that I was with my love, a love that a human heart couldn't hold.

"So," Asha said, smiling, "what were you dreaming?" Asha asked. Uh oh. She was the love of my life; I had to tell her.

"My mother, she told me...something." I explained, "She said that I was a-a... Cryokenetic." Her eyes widened. I frowned, "I-it was just a dream though" Right? She shook her head.

"This has all the signs, again." She muttered. I frowned,

"Signs?" She looked up at me.

"There's this prophecy, right..."

The End

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