Jay: The Truth

Recovery. That was what I needed; I needed to recover from the fight. Having Asha in danger again made my heart beat again for a second.

Jay, a voice said in my head. I frowned.

You're not Asha...? I said in my head.

No. I'm your mother. What? I have a mother?

Had. She corrected me. I'm dead.  She said. I tried my hardest to fall into my mind.

I stood there, staring blankly at the face I hadn't seen in thousands of years.

"Jay," she muttered, "I have something to tell you." She continued. I nodded, urging her to continue.

"Y-you're not just a Vampire. You have...abilities. You're a Cryokenetic."

"A Crying- what?!" She rolled her eyes. She lifted her hand, and it turned blue as ice filtered out of it. She controlled it to mould it in ways that would've been impossible. I gaped. What?

The End

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