Cheshire: Kill Him

I waited for Aria, my tail lashing. What happened to that Sylvester guy having to work for affection from her? All he had to do was see some dead chick and Ari was all over him. I stood, listening to her conversation with Jay when I heard another voice. One I didn't recognise. But...but it was familiar.

Cheshire...I miss you.

It was a girl's voice, light and airy but with a hint of sorrow. Why was it so familiar?

I want to see you again, Cheshire. I want to see if you've changed.

I followed the voice away from the room, away from most of the vampires in the mansion actually. I followed it all the way out to the back of the mansion. I looked around for the owner of the voice but couldn't see anyone.

"Stop joking around, I'm not in the mood" I sighed angrily and turned to go back into the mansion.

Nasty Sylvester's trying to steal Ari.

I snapped back around, looking for whoever said it. Slowly, a figure came from the shadows. looked like me but...but the face was Sabrié's. Soft blue eyes, soft blonde hair and blood red lips. The closer the thing got the less it looked like Sabrié. Her face was warped, demonic.

Nasty Sylvester wants to take her away. He doesn't like Cheshire.

The voice sounded more like mine thatn the light girl's voice from before. Sabrié's voice.

Cheshire loves Aria but she ignores him. Cheshire needs to show Aria he cares.

"How?" I asked the figure.

Cheshire needs to get rid of nasty Sylvester. Cheshire needs to get rid of nasty Sylvester so Aria can see he loves her.

"How?" I asked, more force behind it this time.

Cheshire has to decide. Wait! Cheshire should kill nasty Sylvester! Cheshire should kill him.

"Kill him, kill him, kill him" my voice said in a sing-songy way but I wasn't sure if it was my voice or the figure's.

Cheshire should kill him. Cheshire should turn the ground red with nasty Sylvester's blood. What is Cheshire going to do?

"Kill nasty Sylvester" I said, turning back to the mansion with a sneer on my face.

And I could feel the demon behind me. The demon that looked like my sister. Sabrié would help me kill him. Sabrié would help me win Ari back.

The End

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