Sylvester: Demons in the mansion

Something was wrong. I was lying in bed and the Soulsphere was in my pocket – it would always remain on my person from now until the day I died. Every so often it would glow or get warm – it was comforting to know that Kyoshiro’s soul wasn’t entirely destroyed. But I still sensed that something was wrong, and my senses have never been wrong.

I crept into the hallway, the light from the Soulsphere guiding my way. I was walking past Room 10 when I heard someone stirring inside. It wasn’t unusual for vampires to be awake at night, but as I dismissed it and turned away the Soulsphere began to shake and I made myself face the door again. Unsure of what I would find on the other side I grasped the Soulsphere tightly and pushed open the door. Even with the light from the jewel my eyes needed adjusting, and at first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Asha was lying on his chest, asleep and peaceful. Jay had his arms around her, and he too was asleep – but they were not alone. Two demons were staring intently at Jay’s face, a look of hunger in their eyes - one next to the bed and the other perched on the headboard, smirking, and ready to devour. When I opened the door they turned their snarling faces towards me and in an instant they made their move.

The one on the headboard jumped through the air at me and the other raised a threatening arm over Jay and Asha, its claws drawn. “NO!” I shouted, waking Jay and Asha instantly. The first demon landed on me and tore through my shirt, leaving a gash in my shoulder. Asha screamed and pressed herself up against the wall, but Jay, looking as though he’d seen a ghost, managed to hold off the second as it tried to gouge at his face.

I was kicking and punching the demon but it was all over me – scratching and biting, and all I could hear was Jay struggling at the same time with the other. Suddenly the Soulsphere, which was still in my fist, seemed to take control of my whole arm, and as the demon pounced from the floor at me again the Soulsphere met his chest and there was a burst of white light. The demon gave a shriek and was sucked into the jewel, and then there was silence. The second demon escaped out the open window.

Jay looked from Asha to me to the Soulsphere and then back at me again. I think the expression on my face must have mirrored both of theirs – I was in complete shock, and awe.

Jay and Asha gaped at me, clearly wanting an explanation, so I cleared my throat and managed a nervous laugh, “Well… I think that’s your first visitor, Kyoshiro.”

The End

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