Jay: Dreaming.

I layed in my bed, Asha in my arms. Dreams seemed so scary to me these days. Maybe it was because I hadn't done it in years, but still, I was scared. But there was no escaping the inevitable; you can't escape dreamland forever. Unconsciousnes overtook me.

A voice whispers to me, inviting me to follow. I walk hesitatnly towards the voice. I get through a bunch of blue bushes, and find Asha there, urging me to come. I do as she says.

"Asha?" I say, reaching out to her, but she isn't there. It's just dust. I frown.

"Ash?" I repeat, worried now.

"This way," She whispers. I follow the sound of her perfect voice, and find that the room has changed. I enter the lounge of Vampire Mansion. I turn to find Kyoshiro there, singing with Harmony. I blink, and see two horrible looking demons growling at eachother. I blink again, and they are closer, looking at me with wide eyes. I blink again, and they are inches from my face, about to kill me, smiling in the scariest way ever. I blink again...

The End

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