Kyoshiro: Soulsphere life.

Being a soulsphere wasn't that bad. Infact, there are many things that I have learnt about my new self. I am technically a planet, the souls come to what is inside of me and they live in there. Here, everything is bliss, but not as blissful as heaven, more like an 'all is OK' bliss. I hope that in the real world that everyone is OK, just as I am. Then, a thought struck me.

What's been making me sacrifice myself so much lately?

It was a very good question, I mean I sacrificed my life for Asha, that was unexpected. Of course, I knew I could do it but I didn't even ressurect my brother, partly because he was evil, partly because I was apathetic towards his life and death. But, Asha was different, she had a life, a family. I didn't want her husband-to-be to die of grief. Then there was the deal with me turning into a soulsphere. I mean, why would I sacrifice my life in heaven for Sylvester's damned life here.

It makes no sense.

Then, there was a voice.

"Doesn't it?"

"Who's there, show yourself?"

"Kyoshiro, you've spent a lot of time wondering about the good things you did. Why?"

"Because it's so unlike me."

"Well, what's wrong with being good every now and then?"

"Nothing, but, you're right."

"Think about it Kyoshiro, you just want what's best for them."

Then, the voice faded away, and I was all alone. Left with my thoughts.

The End

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