Jay: A Long Story

"It's a long story," I laughed. Sara laughed aswell, though she was still confused. "me and Asha are engaged, for one." I told her. Her eyes widened, "Secondly, Kyoshiro died. And then he came back as a ghost. But now he's condensed his spirit, so he's now a Soulsphere. The original one was broken by Sylvester, letting out all of the angry souls. They're being collected, so don't worry." She looked dumbstruck.

"Breathe, Sara." She did as I ordered.

"K-Kyoshiro died?" She asked, her voice cracking. I nodded solemnly. She sat down just as Sylvester did. I ghosted over to Asha, and put my arm around her. She slid her's around me, too.

The End

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