Asha: Imira and Sara

I was so happy Jay had asked Sylvester. Of course he should be best man. Kyoshiro had saved my life, but Sylvester was also my friend, and Jay's. I still hadn't forgotten Sylvester's words all that time ago when I had announced that I was the Shadow. Whilst I still treasured everyone's support, Sylvester had touched me. His words had been so beautiful.

The group of us stood talking a little, after Sylvester had agreed to be best man. A small girl came around the corner. I hadn't seen her before, although chances are, she had been there when I announced things.

We all introduced ourselves and she named herself as Imira.

"What have I missed?" she asked.

What hasn't she missed? I said to Jay, and we caught each other's eye, grinning. Before anyone could answer her, Sara rounded the corner aswell.

"Long time no see" I smiled at her. She really was like a little sister.

"Its like a little party here. Whats been happening?" she replied cheerfully.

Sylvester, Aria, Jay, Harmony and I just burst out laughing.

"It's a long story." Jay replied, catching my eye.

The End

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