Sylvester: Best man at the funeral

I couldn’t get any rest on the sofa. It was probably because of the thought of so many lost souls coming after me, but I managed to convince myself I’d  find respite in my own room, so I made my way up the stairs only to come face to face with Aria, Asha and Harmony.

“Sylvester!” Asha rushed over to me. “I am going to try and convince Jay to make you our best man.”

I instantly made an internal wish he would say no. I couldn’t face the whole wedding thing. Not since Clara’s wedding, even if she had forgiven me. But then Jay himself rounded the corner. He was interested in what we were talking about, so Harmony took it upon herself to ask him who was going to be his best man.

“Actually, that's why I came down here; to ask Sylvester.” Jay shot me a quick smile. We hadn’t exactly had time to get to know each other, but in Vampire Mansion you have to look out for everyone.

“Of course.” I smiled back and we shook on it… but I immediately felt guilty. Jay might have asked Kyoshiro if he hadn’t given up his life for Asha and his soul for me.

Just then a girl about Harmony’s age with red ringlets down to her waist came up to us. “Hey what have I missed?”

We all exchanged glances and then Jay laughed, “So much!”

So much had been happening that I hadn’t even met this one around before. “Hey – I’m Sylvester.” I spoke up, and then Harmony, Aria and Asha introduced themselves. Apparently Jay knew her already.

“Hi – I’m Imira.”

The End

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