Aria: Like Pieces In A Puzzle

I shook Sylvester's arm, he was starin' into space. “Sylvester – hey, Sylvester – come here” I said softly. He turned and fell into my arms. “It’ll be ok, shh. Everything will be alright”.

I wrapped my arms around him, his head restin' against my shoulder. I leant into him, vaguely aware of our cheeks touchin'. What Harmony said burst into my head and I felt a blush growin' in my cheeks. I felt Sylvester cling on to me and I smiled. The two of us seemed to fit each other. Like pieces in a puzzle. I caught sight of Chesh, a sarcastic comment present on his lips. I silenced him with a glare before he could speak and turned my attention back to Sylvester.

"Listen, y'all need to get some rest" I said softly to him.

He didn't move. I thought back to when I was still human, when I was a kid. It made me think of somethin' my momma used to do whenever I was afraid. I let go of Sylvester but put my hands on either side of his face. I planted a small kiss on the bridge of his nose and led him to one of the sofas.

"Get some sleep. I'll go check on Asha" I said and smiled a little as he seemed to do what I said.

I headed upstairs, knowing full well that Chesh was following me but was determined to check on Asha first. I could smell Jay in the room with her so I knocked first.

"Come in" I heard Jay say.

"Hey Jay, is Asha okay?"

"I guess" he said as I sat next to him. Chesh was waitin' outside for me. "Where's Kyoshiro?"

"He- he, condensed himself to become a Soulsphere. When Sylvester smashed the first one, he let out lots of angry- and disturbed- souls, and they're after him. The only way that we could stop them souls from turnin' Sylvester mad, and then killin' him was if we sacrificed someone to become another Soulsphere. Kyoshiro kindly gave himself up".

Jay froze. He'd been close to Kyoshiro. Not exactly best friend material but closer than most of us. I smiled softly and patted his shoulder before going to face Chesh. But when I left the room he wasn't there. Which could only mean one thing. Trouble.

The End

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