Jay: Can Vampires Have Normal Weddings?

I sat next to Asha's bed, in her room. She looked so peaceful-and beautiful- when she slept. I stared at her beautiful face; her long eyelashes, framing her closed eyes. Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted me. I turned,

"Come in," I said,

"Hey Jay," Aria said as she ghosted her way in, "is Asha okay?" She asked.

"I guess." I replied. She came and sat down next to me. I could smell that something in the mansion was missing. It wasn't that I couldn't smell something anymore, more like I could smell the emptiness I wrongly assumed was there before. Suddenly, I realised,

"Where's Kyoshiro?" I asked, and her face looked like she was forcing down tears.

"He- he, condensed himself to become a Soulsphere. When Sylvester smashed the first one, he let out lots of angry- and disturbed- souls, and they are after him. The only way that we could stop them souls from turning Sylvester mad, and then killing him was if we sacrificed someone to become another Soulsphere. Kyoshiro kindly gave himself up." She choked out. My face was frozen with a shocked expression. Kyoshiro was gone. Forever this time.

The End

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