"Save your sorrys for someone who gives a crap!"

I didn't know where that came from, I didn't mean that!

I always did tell you to control your temper. oh crud! no! no! no! Maybe you should go appologise. Kyoshiro's gone and I messed up my last chance to say goodbye. Well if he chose to become the soulsphere then I will help Sylvester collect the souls, no matter what the personal cost! Because I do love Kyoshiro! And I will support him even in death! Besides I need to have a talk with someone but I'll worry about my little privacy invader later now...I walked down the stairs, and looked around. Sylvester was holding a Soulsphere, I nodded, his decision. "Sorry everyone, I...I wasn't myself back there. I'm sorry you heard that." yeah, wasn't myself. They dont know the half of it.  I think someone knew I was holding back "I promise I'll explain it later, but....can I ask?" I looked at Sylvester "Could I go with you, I'd like to help collect the souls. In my experience you need a small team for something like this." Plus my invader will no doubt show soon, so I should be prepared.

The End

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