Kyoshiro: I met someone I think you should talk to.

Heaven. It was the most wonderful place ever. I felt no hunger, nor sorrow, nor fear, nor lust; no negativity was around me at all. I was at peace. While I was in heaven I had been watching what was going on at the mansion, and worried for Sylvester I went to find Clara.

I simply put a thought out.

"Clara, can you come here please."

Instantly, she appeared before me. She was very beautiful.

"Clara, do you remember Sylvester?"

"Sylvester, yes," her face became shallow from guilt. "Yes, I remember him."

"Would you like to make his life better?"

Her face lit up.


"Come with me."

She grasped my hand and I lead her to the mansion. When we were there I smiled at how everyone was so happy. I found Sylvester and I lead her to him. Then, I made the both of us visible and watched as Sylvester's face widened in surprise.

"Sylvester, I met someone you should talk to."

I smiled, and left, I went to go see Harmony. When I found her I smiled, and she smiled as well.


"Hello, Harmony."

"So, umm, how's heaven?"

"It's great, but I want you to know. Anytime you need anything, anything, just ask for me to come and I will be there in an instant to make it all better. You may see me, or you may not, but I will be there, just know that."

At this, Harmony began to cry. And as tears began falling down her pretty cheeks I smiled, out of joy for the life I had. I was truly so blessed to have loved someone. Then, another thing was brought to my attention.

"Sylvester has a jewel called-"

I was cut off.

"The soulsphere, yes we know. He shattered it."

My eyes widened in fear.

"He, he what?"

"He shattered it, why is there a problem?"

"Yes, a very big problem too. When the soulsphere is shattered, all the spirits trapped inside it are released."


"And when they're released, they're usually angry."

"Yeah, and."

"They tend to drive the one who broke their slumber mad until he dies."

Harmony's eyes widened, fear written across it.

"Oh my god, so what about Sylvester, what can he do to stop it?"

"From my understanding of the soulsphere, he can only do one thing. He must forge a new one."

"How does he do that?"

"A soul must be willingly sacrificed to manifest itself as the jewel, then the souls must all be funneled inside it."

Her eyes widened.

"Who will we get to sacrifice themselves?"

I looked down, then away from Harmony's gaze.

"You? You're going to? Why you?"

"I have grown to love these people as my family. I don't want Sylvester to get hurt, especially now that he has Clara to talk to."

"But what about me! What about my needs, my feelings! Did you ever think about that!"

Everyone began looking at Harmony and I.

"I love you, Kyoshiro! Why are you just going to sacrifice your life to save theirs when you just disregard mine! Why Kyoshiro, why!"

I didn't have an answer.

"I'm sorry Harmony."

"Save your sorrys for someone who gives a crap!"

Everyone gasped as Harmony stood up and walked away. With a heavy heart, I wandered over to Sylvester and told him what was up.

"By destroying the soulsphere you set the angry spirits trapped inside it upon yourself."

His eyes widened in fear.

"But, I know how to stop it. I need to condense my spirit into the form of a jewel, and then you need to funnel the spirits into me."

Clara looked at me confused.

"Why you, what does Sylvester mean to you?"

I looked at her curious.

"He's my friend, almost like family."

"Yeah, well I love him. And if anyone is going to save his life it will be me."

Sylvester looked at her, scared.

"No, if you do that I'll never see you again!"

"It's true Clara, he'll go through depression again and he'll want to be with you forever. It is better for me to do it because he doesn't mean that much to me. I would rather him die and end up with you naturally, then die and end up trapped within the soulsphere."

She nodded, clearly shaken by the events tonight.

"Ok, so, I'll condense my spirit, and you have about 168 hours, thats 1 week. I need you to use the soulsphere to capture their souls. Then I want you to bury the soulsphere somewhere where you will never find it, and no one else will either."

He nodded. Then, against Harmony's wishes I condensed my spirit, I became the soulsphere. Clara cried, and Asha looked sad then spoke for the first time since my arrival.

"This must be a sign or something."

Then Jay held her close and whispered into her ear.

"This is not a sign of anything, our marriage will be beautiful, blessed and you will be the lovliest bride in the history of the universe."

I could only hope so for them.

The End

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