Sylvester: Restraint

I followed Asha into the forest after Jay and Lee. When we found them Lee was already bruised and the only thing that could tame Jay’s rage was Asha. We had both stepped in front of her, ready to fight to the end to get rid of this guy, as any one of the others would have. But she was determined that this was her fight, and whispered that she loved Jay – it was the only thing that could make him step aside.

“Don't even try Sylvester.” I had opened my mouth to defend Jay’s decision to remain and fight, but she cut me off too. “You are not going to fight Lee for me.” I sensed her feelings and her thoughts and reluctantly stood on the sidelines next to Jay. When the time came I would have to restrain him, however much I might need restraining myself.

Lee’s grin was gruesome, and his voice was callous as he said to Asha, “You belittle their devotion.”

She remained calm and spoke the words that would crush any man’s soul – I pity you. She took advantage of his surprise and pounced on him; the two grappled on the ground, Asha reaching for her dagger in desperation. Jay shouted and tried to make a move towards them, and I unwillingly held him back.

“Get the hell off me!” Jay struggled in vain. “Asha!” He screamed.

Suddenly Asha had the advantage, and I could feel then that Lee was going to die – and even more strongly that he wanted to. I was, no matter how much Asha denied it, like Lee. Jay noticed the slack in my arms and took the opportunity to throw his elbow back into my face, and I tasted blood in my mouth. Jay pushed me off but I pounced on him, pulling him hard back against a tree. We fought each other for a moment until we heard Asha cry, “What do I do?!” She was backing away from an advancing Lee. Jay and I were frozen as we saw Lee lunge for her, and then all of a sudden it was over.

Asha had drawn her dagger and stabbed Lee in the neck with it as their bodies collided. Lee grasped at Asha’s clothes as he fell to the ground, but she shrugged him off, not noticing the only damage Lee had done to her – a cut on her shoulder that was fast healing.

Just as Asha collapsed into Jay’s arms in tears the rest of the mansion arrived. Aria shouldered past the others and stood next to me, gaping at Lee dead on the floor. My breathing was heavy, and she turned to face me.

“Sylvester!” she gasped, “What happened to you!? How's Lee dead – is everyone alright?”

“We’re all ok.” I wheezed, still winded from where Jay had hit me in the stomach. “I’m ashamed to say all of my damage was done by that guy over there!” I gestured to where Jay and Asha were embracing. Jay mouthed 'sorry' over Asha's shoulder, and then buried his face in her hair.

“D'you mean to say that Asha fought Lee on her own?” Aria’s crystal blue eyes widened, and we all watched Jay carry an exhausted Asha back to the mansion.

I followed along behind, with Aria gripping my arm to support me.

The End

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