Asha: Showdown

Things happened quickly after I opened the door. I just stood there, shocked. My engagement party..He came to ruin our engagement party. My anger flared- I could hardly see straight, but I was shoved aside by Jay who flew at Lee.

"NO!" I shrieked as the dissappeared into the forest. Harmony and Sylvester were holding me back and I was fighting them as hard as I could. If Lee hurt Jay in anyway I would never forgive myself. I was so angry and panicked. I had to get to them before anything happened. Then they let me go and I sprinted after Lee and Jay, ignoring whatever was happening in the Mansion. Sylvester was right behind me, but I was outpacing him slightly. We burst into a clearing and Jya was facing up to Lee. When I appeared, both of them swung round to look. Lee still grinned despite the bruises on his face. Jay had obviously got some punches in.

"Well well.." Lee was saying. "Looks like you have found a replacement for me afterall. I must say though, he has absolutely no manners."

I snarled something back that was very unladylike and definately rude.

"Tsk. You seem to have picked up his bad habits already. Shame, but it wont stop me killing you."

"You'll have to go through me" Jay, stepped in front of me

"And me." Sylvester joined him, sheilding me from Lee.

Lee laughed.

"No." I said, firmly. "This is my fight. Lee is my problem. I have an advantage neither of you don't; I know Lee. I know how he fights, what weapons, his strength, his weak points. Let me fight him-alone."

"No way," Jay said immeadiately, while Lee laughed even more. "There is no way.."

"Jay," I interrupted him. "Please. If anything happened to you when you were fighting Lee.. How would I be able to live with myself?"

He turned around. "How would I manage without you?" he said, softly.

I smiled. "You won't have to" I love you Jay. And Lee will not be able to hurt me again. I promise.

He didn't like it, that was obvious. But he backed off.

"The minute I think you are in danger, I am going to rip his head off." Jay snarled. I nodded, turning to Sylvester who hadn't moved.


"Don't even try Sylvester" I cut him off too. "You are not going to fight Lee for me." You are NOTHING like him. You are a true friend with people who love you. You need to keep Jay back. This is going to be a dight to the death and you have to keep Jay from interfering else he will get hurt. I need to do this alone. I couldn't bare it if Jay got hurt, or if you got hurt. I trust you to keep out-Jay wouldn't. He loves me too much. You understand. I looked at Sylvester intently. Slowly, he nodded aswell.

Finally, I faced Lee. He was still laughing. "You belittle their devotion." He spoke calloulsy.

"You can never understand what love means Lee." I spoke calmly, already mentally making my first move. "Sometimes, you have to let someone go so that they can be happy. Sometimes you have to sacrifice things for them. But you could never do that. I always pitied you for it."

His faced dropped and I lept. He seemed unarmed and we grappled bitterly. I had a small knife, but I couldn't reach it. I could hear Jay shouting, and Sylvester was evidently having to hold him back. I could hear other shouts too, as people came running from the Mansion.

"How did you survive anyway?" Lee said, between blows.

"Sacrifice" I replied hitting him again.

Lee grinned. "Another one bites the dust."

I growled, pushing him over. He hit the ground hard and I pinned him. "Another reason for me to kill you." I snarled.

Lee grinned still, bitterly though. "Do it." he hissed. It was so unexpected I froze for a minute.

"I want to die" Lee insisted. Revulsion filled my throat and I pushed myself off him. I backed away. He laughed.

"Gone soft in your retirement, Shadow?" he taunted. "Not going to grant an old friend his only wish?"

"Get away from here." I said, unsteadily now. I was in shock from what he had said. The Lee I knew would have always fought me, never wanting to die.

I can't do this! I thought desperately.

Lee stalked towards me again. I was torn.

"What do I do?!" I cried, Jay still shouting at me. I back away from Lee, towards Jay and Sylvester. Jay yelled again and I looked over. He was fighting Sylvester, who had a cut lip and was bruised all over. He was frantic. Sylvester too, looked torn. I could hear the shouts from the Mansion getting closer.

"Asha!" Jay shouted again. I turned back to Lee, drawing the knife at the same time. We collided, and I felt blood flow over my hand where I had stabbed Lee in the throat. There was a cold sting in my shoulder.

"Blessed metal" Lee choked.

"No effect on me anymore." I said, getting up. "Just a scratch."

Lee choked again. I bent down to retrieve my knife and he grabbed me.

"I never stopped loving you." he said, harshly, hardly breathing. I felt the colour drain from my face.

"Then let me go." I whispered back. Lee looked at me as though I had ripped his heart out. Then he choked once more, and finally, he died.

"Asha!" Jay bellowed and finally broke free of Sylvester. He grabbed me in a tight hug.

"It's over" I whispered. "Its over now." Then I buried my face in Jay's shoulder and cried.  

The End

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