Jay: Too Dangerous.

I stalked towards Lee, who was starting to recover. I snarled at him a lot. I walked very slowly, as if to make him tenser and tenser. Suddenly, I heard footsteps starting to enter the forest. I only broke my concentration on the fight for a second to see who I could smell. Asha and Sylvester. I couldn't let Asha near this beast. I wouldn't. I leapt onto Lee, and brought him to the ground. I punched him many times before Asha appeared. Suddenly, Lee was out of my strong grip.

"You wont be able to stop me from killing Asha." He grinned before I shrieked a growl at him. He turned to walk towards Asha and Sylvester, but Iw as there before he could do any damage. I could see how the scene must've looked for him; three vampires inhunting crouches, growling at him, wanting to kill him. But all Lee did was grin.

The End

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