Harmony: not without me

Sylvester and Asha ran after Jay. What did he mean, I ought to hold it against him? I called after them but they wouln't let me come. Aria looked on the brink of tears, we all were just standing here....helpless. Well if we cant help them we have to find something to....I walked up to the guy with wings "Hey um..."

"Mathew, and this is Ana" I nodded.

"Isn't it about time you make sure the pureblood is still alive"

"Oh crud!" he walked away still holding Ana.

"And everyone else, my room. I need measurements for your wedding outfits." I needed to distract everyone, especially Aria. I was panicked and didn't want to stand still. "Well? what're you waiting for? or do I have to sing to get you to scootle your bootles?" Despite the fact our friends were in a fight to the death which they wouldn't let us join...we had to keep busy. If we didn't, I'm pretty sure some of us would have a melt down.

The End

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