Sylvester: Lee

“Let her go! It's her battle not his!” I growled, but they only loosened their hold. I looked Asha in the eyes. “Do you want to fight this one?”

“I have to get rid of him – once and for all!” She made another lunge for the door after Jay, but I grabbed her shoulders.

“I want to help.” She looked me up and down and then nodded solemnly. She understood that I likened myself to Lee still, and that if I helped her and Jay get rid of him I might be able to kill that part in me that was capable of the things I had done. Harmony was standing nearby and stated, “Something tells me we should let her go; it is partly her fight too.” I was grateful at least for her support – Asha was practically crying now; Jay had run into the forest after Lee already.

I took Harmony aside for a moment. “What do you know?”

She looked slightly stunned, but said, “Nothing.”

“What do you know?!" I barked at her and she yelped a little in shock.

“I heard everything…” She immediately reached her hands up to my shoulders though and said, “But I don’t hold it against you!”

I paused before rushing to free Asha. “You ought to.”

Aria called after us as we chased Lee and Jay into the darkness. I could explain everything to her when we got back… if we got back.

The End

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