Asha: The Past Came Knocking...

When Sylvester told me what he had done, I was shocked. But not anything more. I wasn't scared of him at all. We all have our secrets.

"Sylvester," I said, stepping forward, meaning to put my arms around him "I do understand. I killed my fiance remember? And hundreds of people as the Shadow. People I didn't know, purely for money. You did what you did because you loved that woman. People will go to the ends of the world for love. Lee...Lee is nothing like you. Lee is evil, and manipulating. You aren't. You stood by me when you found out who I was. Lee hates me. I don't blame you at all." I tried to hug him but he stepped away. There was silence for a bit. The Sylvester took a step forward, becoming menacing. I didn't move. He wasn't going to push me away.

 “You promised you wouldn’t tell.” he growled.

I searched his faced carefully. I had promised, of course I wasn't going to break that. I saw a flicker of fear in his eyes. "I won't tell" I said, gently.

“Good.” He basically snarled at me.

“I’m not afraid of you Sylvester – I know how sweet you can be.” I said, still trying to convince him. Someone yelled downstairs that the party was starting. 

  “Mine and Jay’s engagement party.” I explained, since Sylvester was looking confused.

He looked down again, looking guilty. “Go – just promise me you won’t tell a soul. I don’t want the hassle.”

“I’ve already promised – now let’s go.” I opened the door, trying to shake him out of this depression.

“Asha, you don’t want me there. Of all people I didn’t want you to know –” I cut me off abruptly.“We’ll talk about this later. Are you coming or aren’t you?” Lee was hovering in my thoughts and I was upset, but at the same time, I was trying not to show it, because Sylvester needed a friend. I had been there too, I knew what it was like..

“I know about you and Lee. And I know right now I probably seem just like him to you... but I’m not.” He was apologetic but hearing Lee's name come from him was like a knife going through me. I reached out and grabbed him

“You go in there, and play nice.”

He left, and I immeadiately felt guilty. It must have seemed like I was mad at him for what he had done. In fact I was panicking, because I knew Lee was still out there and that he was going to come after everyone here. 

I went down, and immersed myself in the party. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, Lee was grinning at me.


The End

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