Aria: Blushin'

"Was I meant to be left out?" Jay asked.

"Oh my gosh, I knew there was somethin' important I had to tell someone! Oh, I'm so sorry, Jay, I completely forgot. See, this is why folks shouldn't leave stuff down to me, I've got a memory worse'n a goldfish" I said with a laugh and started walkin' out of the room. Wait, I still had to tell him! Oh, but what were the plans? "I can't remember what exactly's happenin' but I know Asha'll come find you when everyhting's all ready so just look out for her. Oh but not her dress! Wait, no, don't leave this room til we come get you, 'kay?" I rushed.

Jay smiled and nodded. I grinned at him and skipped outta the room, wonderin' if there was somethin' else I was 'sposed to do. I hoped not, otherwise everyone'd just think I was stupid. The only thing I could think of was finding Chesh and keeping him out of the way. So that's what I did.

                                    *                                *                               *

Harmony came downstairs and gathered all the girls together for the big unveilin'.

"Ta-da" she said as she showed it to us all.

"Nice one, Harmony" I said with a smile. It was a mighty fine dress and it'd suit Asha perfect.

"Glad you like it, maybe I can do this for your's and Sylvester's wedding" she said with a wink. "Or is it that cat...Cheshire?"

I blushed. I'm not sure what I was blushin' at. Chesh and Moody Pants were just friends, right? Harmony said something but I didn't pay attention, too busy puzzlin' over what she said before. We all moved into the hall, which had been pretty jazzed up considerin' how short notice it was, and I noticed Sylvester. I gave him a small smile before lookin' away. What Harmony had said echoed through my brain. Asha and Jay walked in and took my mind off it for a while.

"Uh guys, not to be the party pooper but what have you got lined up for entertainment?" Harmony asked.

Oh lord, please don't tell me that was one of the things I had to organise.

The End

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