Harmony: eavsdropping

I heard the whole thing as I stood by the door fidling with lace, Sylvester's been suffering, all alone for centuries. Not anymore. I'll stand by him, as someone to fall back on, I'll make sure Sylvester can smile again with true joy. I walked down the stairs and gathered the girls "Ta-da" I revealed the victorian dress and Aria as per usual was the first to speak "nice one harmony"

"glad you like it, maybe I can do this for your's and sylvester's wedding" I winked. "or is it that cat...cheshire?" Aria blushed. "anyway guys we need to hide this from the groom, lil help?" the dress was taken off me and stashed in a super secret location, to be finished tonight. Everyone piled into the hall that had been decorated beautifully, streamers, balloons, the works. "W-O-W" gotta hand it tothem they really know how to throw a party! Sylvester entered and stood at the side. Asha came in hand in hand with Jay, smiling with what can ony be described as love. Pure, unadulterated love. "Uh, guys not to be th party pooper but what have you got lined up for the entertainment?"

The End

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