Asha: Partytime?

Harmony and I were both screaming at Sylvester to stop what he was doing. I knew he had wanted to die the day he faced Kyoshiro but I had also thought that he loved Aria. I thought he had put his past behind him. I went downstairs and took a few people to one side, telling them about what happened. I didn't know what Sylvester would make of it so I only told a couple of people. The people who were closest to him.

I didn't want to hang around, so after a while I went to see how he was doing, since I had left him unconcious in Harmony's room. When I got back I caught Harmony talking.

"Hey Sylvester," I smiled as I came in, and then saw what Harmony had in her lap.

"Is that what I think it is?" I said, awestruck.

She nodded and held up the dress. It was stunning, shimmering white and a lace bodice.

"Do you like it?" she sounded anxious

"Its beautiful" I breathed, completely amazed. I had never had anything so beautiful, except maybe the engagement ring on my finger.

"Its not done yet, but nearly there.."

"Harmony, its beautiful!" I cried "Thank you so much"

She smiled, blushing happily.

"Why don't you go down with the others? I think they're starting the party now, I'll be along in a minute, I just want to talk to Sylvester quickly." I said to Harmony.

She nodded, and after putting the dress down, she left quietly.  I faced Sylvester squarely, standing so that I was between him and the door.

"What was all that about with the Soulsphere?" I said, not angrily at all. "I don't buy the story about bringing Kyoshiro back, if I am perfectly honest. There's a demon in your past that you can't let go of and its tearing you apart. I know what its like-I've been there remember? You don't have to but if you want to, tell me. I won't spread it, you know that you can trust me. But talk to someone, because the past will never let you go unless you put it to rest."

Sylvester just looked at me, silent. I couldn't tell what he was going to do, but I hoped he would talk to me. Afterall, my past was Shadow.

The End

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