Harmony: frozen and happiness

Both myself and Asha were frozen, he had done it, he smashed the soulsphere. I sighed with relief and Asha helped me put him on the bed. "Asha, you should go downstairs, tell everyone what all that was,plus" I said smiling a bit "I want your dress to be a surprise" Asha seemed to appreciate the fact I tried to make Sylvester's almost suicide a lighter thing to talk of. Asha left the room and I set to work on the dress while Sylvester slept. A couple of hours later I was almost done, all I had to add was the train and make sure that it fits the bride. I heard a groan, Sylvester had woken up "W-what?" I rolled my eyes.

"Lay down Sylvester, you had a rough spell back there" He didn't listen, he sat up, holding his head.

"I-I'm not..."

"No Sylvester your not dead" I laughed, "Your fine, and thanks to you no hunter will ever be able to use the soulsphere against us again"

He eyed the dress "how long was I out?"

"A couple of hours, and whats with the Q and A?" I smiled "I think it's my turn to ask the questions, but hey, it can wait till later. for now...there's a party to get to"

The End

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