Sylvester: The realm of stolen souls

Harmony stirred so I smiled. I had come up with a plan whilst she had been asleep, and I wanted to propose something to her now.

“Hi.” Harmony croaked, her throat sore from sobbing. “Where’s Asha?”

“I let her go see Jay for a while – engagement and everything.”

She nodded. There was a moment of silence, and then I spoke.

“Harmony, you loved Kyoshiro didn’t you?” She nodded even more emphatically and rubbed her eyes as she sat up.

“Would you give anything to get him back?” My fingers began to trace the Soulsphere through the lining of my pocket. She narrowed her eyes and suspiciously asked why.

“Well I lost someone I loved, and I was just wondering if you felt the same way.” She looked sympathetic.

“Of course I feel the same way.” She gave my shoulder a quick pat. There was silence again – we were both thinking hard. Suddenly she wriggled out of my lap and burst out, "Sylvester, do not commit suicide; your past cant be that terrible! My songs manipulate people, bend them; I get the jist of your true feelings when I sing Sylvester, and  you've been planning this for decades."

 I had no time to spare now she was on to me, and as she carried on I was completely focused on wrapping my hand around the jewel. Then I decided there was no better time for it, and pulled out the Soulsphere. She recoiled slightly, and asked in a high pitched voice, “What are you doing with the Soulsphere?”

“It takes people’s souls, Harmony. It destroys them. But I think I’ve worked something very important out – I just need your help-”

Suddenly I was aware the door had burst open and I spun around to see Asha glowering at me. “Don't you dare.” She took a step towards me. “There has been enough pain. Just leave it. You cannot bring back someone from the dead. Not without another life in exchange.”

“And I’ve worked out that it needs a selfless sacrifice to bring someone back to life – you know who taught me that?” I turned back to Harmony; I needed her help but Asha was ruining everything. I was truly desperate. “Kyoshiro taught me that! And – and I’m willing! I’ll be the sacrifice to bring him back to you!”

“You will kill yourself! What about Aria?” Asha cried out.

I was transfixed by the Soulsphere, glowing, throbbing in my outstretched hand.

“Sylvester, please.” Asha whispered. “Don’t do it.”

It was getting brighter and Harmony and Asha began to back away. “Sylvester! Drop it – don’t do this!” Asha was practically screaming at me. The white light coming from the Soulsphere was blinding now – it burned my hand but I couldn’t let go. It began to tremble and a shrieking noise filled the night – it was the sound of a million souls calling to me… The light was coming – heaven would take me in and I would see Clara again…

“Sylvester! It destroys souls! It destroys your soul so you can’t go to heaven!” Harmony sobbed over the howls from the sphere. “You will never see her again if you do this!”

Somehow her cries reached a part of my mind not yet consumed by the Soulsphere. I tried to release my grasp on the jewel but it seemed welded to my hand. I was drowning in the fiery brightness, the ear splitting screeches - I tried to gasp for air but I was powerless… Asha and Harmony were still screaming at me.

Then suddenly I felt their desperation, their anger, fear, and courage. I felt it in every part of my being. I fought the souls pulling me in and with the effort of something outside of my own strength I brought my hand crashing down to the floor, carrying the Soulsphere with it. There was a thundering crash and then finally – silence.

I collapsed to the floor, Asha and Harmony frozen in their positions.

“Never again… never again.”

The End

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