Harmony:courage of a lion

Remember, courage of a lion. I wriggled in sylvester's arms so I could face him properly. Our eyes made contact and I made sure he wouldn't look away "Sylvester, do NOT commit suicide, your past cant be that terrible" His eyes widened in shock, as if I had read his mind. "My song manipulate people, bending them, I get the jist of your true feelings when I sing Sylvester and  you've been planning this for deccades" I blinked back tears courage of a lion "If you exchange your life for kyo's...Kyoshiro would not want that, he made it clear that he wanted to cross over Sylvester. You have to realise what's infront of you, if you dont...." I made my voice sound stronger"As long as I'm here Sylvester, aslong as I exist you will live." Sylvester scowed, lookingme directly in the eye, I mirrored his expression, doubling the anger. Asha was yelling at him to drop it, saying It wont work. and dont give up your life.  Then Sylvester did something unexpected..... a thundering crash eched through vampire mansion, screams filled the air. He smashed the soulsphere. "Never again" he whispered."Never again"

The End

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