Cheshire: Marriage, Yuck

I watched Sylvester as he took off upstairs. He was carrying something. Something...unnatural. I wanted to follow him but just couldn't find the determination. Aria, along with pretty much every girl in the mansion, was excited about the wedding. I personally didn't care. I've never liked weddings, too much like funerals.

I could see Aria was content talking with the other girls so I slipped off to the living room to get some sleep. Well, some peace and quiet. I sat on one of the sofas, laying my head against the top of the back, and sighed. I heard someone else walk into the room and opened one eye a crack. It was the blonde guy.

"You're Jay, right?" I asked, still only keeping my eye open a crack.

"Yeah. You're the half-breed guy. What was your name again?"

"The Cheshire Cat. But everyone seems to call me Cheshire. So...marriage, huh?"

I could tell he was grinning even though I could barely see him. "I love her, what else can I say?" he said, finally noticing the edge to my voice.

"Yuck" I mumbled.

"What about you and Aria, you two seem pretty cosy".

I laughed a little. "We're just friends. I don't like weddings anyway. Too official. Plus you have to wear a suit. How many suits have room for a tail?"

Jay gave an equally small laugh. I tend to have that effect on people. But oh well, I could feel sleep working it's way into my brain so I gave Jay a quick kind of apology and stretched out on the sofa, waiting for sleep to fully take hold.

The End

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