Harmony: haze

I smiled al ittle as Sylvester began to start his awkward ramblings,Asha stopped him and all went quiet. I fell asleep in Asha's lap and I dreambt of Kyo.

He glowed brillaiantly in theempty  hall and we shared a song as one, when the songwas over he smiled and said "I love you Harmony, that is whyI need you to make me a promise" I nodded "I want you to let love in Harmony.Have the courage of a lion and a heart of a lover. I want you to be happy" I nodded slowly in agreement as thetears rolled down my cheeks. His words echoed in my head over and over again be happy.

I woke up in the arms of Sylvester,Asha must have gotten tired, or maybe she's with her fiance. I looked up ever so slightly to see Sylvester staring into space, I  felt like a child, being held like this.

I hid my face again as I blushed, and waited for the silence to be broken. I saw a faint glow and felt a surge of power, like a thousand screams of the dead. "S-Sylvester?"

He looked at me

"what are you doing with the soulsphere?" my eyes widened as I realised why. H e couldn't possibly "Sylvester?"

The End

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