Sylvester: Some heartfelt ramblings

I cleared my throat. Harmony and then Asha had run past me on my way to my own room, so I stuffed the Soulsphere back in my pocket and followed curiously. I was standing in the open doorway and watched Harmony and Asha for several minutes. It was always difficult for me to figure out when I should interrupt. Asha finally looked up and I tried to smile for her. She looked expectant, so I spoke.

“I’m … I’m glad you’re here.” I lowered my head as I realised this released new sobs from Harmony. I tried to redeem myself with, “Sometimes sacrifices have to be made, which makes them unpleasant. But sacrifices willingly made are a thing to be rejoiced in." Except this seemed only to confuse rather than comfort.

Harmony sniffed and stared bleary eyed at me. “Look I’m sorry – I’ve never been good at things like this…” I laughed nervously, and finished with, “Heck – how can I congratulate one of you on being alive, without offending the other? I mean Kyoshiro gave his life for you, Asha, which would make you, Harmony, upset – and Asha’s life cost you your love… but without his sacrifice Jay would have lost his love and –”

“Sylvester!” Asha cried.

“Yep?” I stopped, grateful for her interruption.

“You’re rambling.” Finally a hint of a smile showed on Harmony’s face.

That smile, however tiny, gave me some hope. The Soulsphere could wait an evening. I walked out to the balcony and knelt next to the two girls. I gave Harmony an awkward hug, and then pulled my knees up to my chest and sat with them, comforting and talking, until Harmony eventually nodded off to sleep in Asha’s lap.

The End

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