Sylvester: Heaven opened for a day

Asha wasn’t dead yet, but I think everyone could tell she soon would be. Jay refused to let go of her hand since she had squeezed it and quickly murmured something. She had been silent though for several minutes... Kyoshiro pushed Jay aside and whispered something to Asha – I assumed he was attempting some sort of magic to bring her back to life, but deep down I knew there was nothing powerful enough to do that. Then to all of our horror Kyoshiro thrust his sword into Asha’s stomach and everyone made a move. I shouldered past Aria and Cheshire, Jay shouted in protest and Harmony gasped, but before we could stop him it was done – he was... turning to dust. Asha gasped and her eyes opened suddenly. But it was a vampire killing sword – she shouldn’t be alive! My mind was racing. Some complicated ancient work it must have been, because then the sword flew to Jay’s side. He looked more shocked than any of us.

Over the course of the evening we held a funeral for Kyoshiro.  Without him we already seemed at a loss. But his presence... I was sure I felt something. After Asha woke up we all left her and Jay alone. According to Aria she tried to run away, but then Jay proposed to her. And I don’t think it took much convincing from Kyoshiro (our own little ‘ghost-boy’) to make Asha say yes.

The house was ecstatic, I have to say. All the girls went a little crazy over the wedding. I was sitting on my balcony, enjoying the peaceful darkness and avoiding the women of the house, when I thought I saw someone in the garden. He was very faint, but slowly became brighter and eventually formed a human. Or, well, a vampire. It was Kyoshiro. My hands gripped the railing and I narrowed my eyes to see better what was going on; he seemed to be looking into something. He turned his head away from it, and walked back to the mansion, fading as he went. I raced out of my room and down the stairs, coming to a halt in the main hall. I could no longer see him, but Harmony was standing in the middle of the room, singing as she does... only, not alone this time. Kyoshiro, ‘ghost boy’, was singing with her. As the song finished we all clapped; I applauded because somehow I knew that it was the last time any of us would be hearing from Kyoshiro. He and Harmony shared some private words – I blocked my mind so I wouldn’t overhear. And then suddenly he appeared again, brighter than he ever was in human form. And he walked forwards, growing in brightness until just before he reached the door, he disappeared. And we knew; he was gone.

He found himself, in heaven.

Heaven; where the angels reside for eternity. I had always believed that vampires, especially those who had killed or turned others, were destined for Hell. Then the Soulsphere that Kyoshiro had left behind for me burned in my pocket. I barely flinched because suddenly the desire to die overwhelmed me again. My eyes widened and I held onto the back of a chair for support. If Heaven was open to our kind after all, I could see her again! And I currently possessed the precise weapon enabling me to do so.

Suddenly Aria bounced into view. “Hiya!” Her eyes were wet but she was determined to be happy, as always. “Whatcha thinkin’?”

I shook my head, and faked a smile. “Nothing.” Then I turned my back on her and retired to my room with the sole purpose of working out how to use this jewel.

The End

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